The UBT student Qendrim Kurrmeli is the founder of a construction company in Kosovo


Qendrim Kurrumeli is attending master degree studies at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Infrastructure at UBT, and he already has a regular job as a construction engineer.

The knowledge gained during his studies has helped him establish his own construction company, “Valdrini”, located in the region of Drenas.


Qendrimi is at the same time employed in the company, “Shkëmbi” where he is providing this company with his professional expertise, in the aspect of planning and designing different buildings.

“Studying at UBT has been of significant importance for me to advance in my career. As a result, I have been emplyed as an engineer in the NN “Shkembi” company as well as to be a founder of “Valdrini” SHPK. Both these companies are mainly focused in with the field of construction, infrastructure, canalizations, and other construction activities. Of course, UBT has enabled me to have qualitative studies and have made me more committed to the work I do as an engineer.” –  emphasized Valdrin.


The Faculty of Civil Engineering and Infrastructure at UBT is the first study program in Kosovo which is in compliance with the European standards. Thanks to the commitment and utmost professionalism of this institution, the graduates have found it easy to be integrated in the labor market and be highly qualified in the field of construction and infrastructure.