The UBT student Mustafë Buzhala is employed as an engineer at Bechtel & Enka


Mustafë Buzhala is UBT student who is following his master studies in the Faculty of Civil Engineering and has started on his career as a professional in one of the most renowned construction companies. Recently, he has been employed as an engineer in the the well-known company Bechtel & Enka, respectively in the department responsible for the highway axis Prishtinë-Han Elez, and as matter of fact is in charge of surveying the whole process.

Indeed, he claimed that this is a project of significant importance and has positively affected the economy of our country. Undoubtedly, he is priviledged to be part of such project, and had the opportunity to closely survey the entire process.


“Due to the fact that the project was highly important, we had to work really hard and bear full responsibility”. This is in itself a vital axis which provides conveniences as far as the aspect of transport is concerned. Apart from facilitating the circulation of goods and citizens, this axis will also aid the further development of free market economy”, underlined Mustafa.


Among others he emphasized that being employed in this company has prepared him professionally and this is the reason why he is grateful to his professors and colleagues.


“It’s a quite good experience to cope with numerous problems from the field of engineering,because this helps you learn how to provide the best solutions to the upcoming challenges”, emphasized Mustafa.


As far as he is concerned, it would have been impossible to have an in-depth knowledge and utmost skills if he wasn’t going to be part of UBT. Moreover he is highly committed to start on the doctoral studies.


The UBT master program in Civil Engineering and Infrastructure is far better than it’s counterparts in Kosovo and even in the whole region. As a result, almost 100% of the students who studied in this program, have been employed in the local and international labor market. The vast majority of these students have even started on a monthly internship in the well-known company, Bechtel & Enka.