The UBT student is employed in as application developer in “Rrota”, Company


The UBT student from the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, Dorentin Maloku who is actually in the graduation process has managed to be integrated in the labor market, and as a matter of a fact he is unfolding his talent in Rrota Company in the job position of application developer.


Moreover he emphasized that has initially started on an internship and owing to his performance he succeeded in becoming an integral part of this company.


“I’m privileged to be employed in this company because the company which I’m part of has set up secure and efficient regarding the solution of various problems. Besides the numerous challenges I continue to enhance as far as the professional aspect is concerned” pointed out Dorentini.


Furthermore, he aims to advance on his career, by being mainly focused on the software development engineering. He claims to contribute to the society in the near future.