The UBT student Afron Rada is granted an internship in Turkey


The UBT student from the Faculty of Management, Business and Economy has started an internship in one of the most renowned companies in Turkey called “CIVIL”. During his internship which will long for three months, he is going to be engaged in the sector of marketing and international trade.


The respective company is concerned with manufacturing textiles for children and cosmetics. This company has 70 subsidiaries in Turkey and is extended in many other countries of the world.


Afron said that UBT is has been well-prepared in UBT and acquired all the basic knowledge for the profession related to his profession, and as matter of fact he found it quite easy to implement theory into practice.


The studies at UBT have helped me to start on and advance in my career. Based on the acquired knowledge and thanks to the strong collaboration with my professors, I have found it quite easy to cope with the tasks required in my company.


Afron Rada is among the most remarkable students in the Faculty of Management, Business and Economy UBT who has started on an internship and thereafter employed.