The project of UBT student, Vildane Maliqi is supported by the Austrian Government and OEAD Program


Among many other students from all over the world, the Austrian Government and the International Program “OEAD” have rewarded a scholarship for the UBT student, Vildane Maliqi for her research project under the topic: “Urban Planning in Vienna. Good practices. Adaption of landscape architecture laws and articles in Kosovo “.


This research deals with the best urban practices in Austrian as well as the adoption of laws related to the architecture in Kosovo. This research will be comparative as field findings can be used in urban planning in the country.


This project will be supported in every aspect by the urbanism institutions in Vienna, which also gave her access in infrastructure, information and libraries in Austria.


Vildanja is one of hundreds of young Kosovars, who through UBT cooperation agreements with over 300 partner universities in the world, has realized her dream of studying in various European countries.