The new school year 2023/24 began at the UBT Elementary and Lower Secondary School


The new academic year 2023/24 began at the UBT Primary and Secondary School. In an inspiring and welcoming atmosphere, the first-generation students of the UBT Primary and Secondary School were warmly greeted.

Filled with enthusiasm and joy for the start of the new school year, the students were eager to explore the new world of knowledge and education, aiming to gain new insights and develop their skills that would positively impact their community in the future.

Prof. Dr. Edmond Hajrizi, the President of UBT, expressed gratitude to the students and their parents for choosing UBT to embark on a new school period and adventure, trusting in the collective commitment towards new achievements in education.

“Education is the guiding light for us. We believe in the potential of students and are committed to leading them toward success. Let’s work together to make their dreams a reality because greatness comes with the will and the opportunity to change the world for our own good and for everyone,” stated President Hajrizi.

With a strong collaboration among teachers, parents, and students, the new academic year at the UBT Primary and Secondary School will transform into a special period of achievements and personal development. Guided by their eagerness to learn, students will work towards creating a bright and promising future for themselves and society.