The high quality of studying process is a positive indicator as far the process of recognition of Diplomas in Germany is concerned


Since 17 years ago, UBT is serving as a promoter of quality in the higher education of Kosovo and even broader in the world. This is clearly witnessed by the achievements of the UBT former students as well as the newly enrolled students, who have managed to follow their studies in the most renowned universities of the world thanks to the knowledge acquired in the former stages of their education in Kosovo.


UBT is the best example of a qualitative institution. Albert Mustafa is among UBT students whose Degrees received in UBT have been recognized in Germany by Kultusminister Konferenz-Zentrallstele für auslandisches Bildungswesen.


This approach to UBT is of significant importance owing to the fact that each student from the Faculty of Architecture and Spatial Planning of UBT will enjoy the right of having an international recognition of his degree and have the opportunity of following their studies in Germany. Mustafa emphasized that this is a successful process and has come a result of their hardworking and ceaseless efforts of UBT professors who strive for perfection. Due to the fact UBT is an internationally recognized institution.


Obviously, Mustafa pointed out the importance of the process of recognizing the UBT diplomas from the Central Office of the Foreign Education in Germany.

This is of significant importance because the UBT students have the opportunity of being employed in a wide range of companies in Germany in regard with the regulations stipulated by the Architects Chamber Architektenkammer, added he.


Under the slogan “Come to UBT, go international, UBT has prepared hundreds of students to follow their studies in the most prestigious worldwide universities, who have left behind good impressions by their utmost proficiency. Needless to say, its undeniable truth that UBT students bear the highest levels of professional preparation.