The former UBT student of Architecture is recently employed in Switzerland


During their studies UBT students acquire in-depth knowledge about professional practices in their respective fields of study, thanks to this they manage to be employed in a wide range of European states and even broader.


The achievements of Egzon Jusufi are the best example to show that studying at UBT in other words it means to start on a successful career and become part of the most renowned worldwide companies.

Since some months ago the former UBT student from the Faculty of Architecture and Spatial Planning has been employed in “BSA Architecture”, with a subsidiary in Vaud canton of Switzerland.


The former UBT student has been employed in the job position of the architect and is responsible for carrying out projects concerned with “Sun Store”, pharmacies, all around Switzerland. This company aims at transforming a wide range of buildings. He has recently started to design individual projects for houses and apartments.


While revealing his experience at UBT, he emphasized that the institution has highly qualified professionals and experts from several fields. Moreover, he highlighted that the institution offers incredible opportunities. The most distinctive feature of UBT, is the utmost proficiency of their professors, who have an extraordinary opportunities.


Furthermore, he said that UBT has managed to be incorporated within the international labor market thanks to the high quality of the institution.