The former UBT student Gresa Sheqiri earned a scholarship from “PoSIG” program


 The collaboration between european universities through “PoSIG” program is already generating the initial outcomes and are the UBT students and former students who will directly benefit from these results.

The graduated UBT student in the Faculty of Social Sciences Gresa Shaqiri has succeeded to earn  through this program a scholarship to follow her Master Studies in the Salzburg University of Austria.

Gresa claims to be delighted of having earned this scholarship, which will provide her with the opportunity of being subject to an academic advancement.

“I will acquire enough knowledge in during my studies in PoSIG which will help me to be prepared for the upcoming challenges in my future career. This will help me broaden my knowledge capacities for a wide range of issues, as well as to learn about the political and social processes of European Union” said Gresa.

Meanwhile she emphasizes the strong support of the UBT professor Artan Murati, who has consistently assisted her in fullfilment of application procedures.

The PoSIG program creates the opporunity of following the first year of studies in one of European Union Universities which offer a high teaching level in both methodological and theoretical aspects. Whereas the second year of studies may be followed in one of the Western Balkans universities, which provides the students with the opportunity of being integrated with issues that are closely related to the integration of neighbour EU countries. After finishing the Master Studies the students will also have the chance to take up a monthly practice in EU institutions.

The PoSIG program is in itself a common master in Political Science, Integration and Governing which will be implemented by European Union and Western Balkans partners.

This is a unique opportunity for students to study in the most prestigious european higher education institutions such as Salzburg University of Austria, Pavias University of Italy, University of Ljubjana in Slovenia etc.