Within the framework of this multidisciplinary program, you have the opportunity to gain experience and develop your skills, this way you will give extremely professional expertise in solving the crimes that society faces.


Consequently, the faculty consistently monitors and coordinates the workload of students through courses. Besides that, the academic structure of this program at UBT is realized by the establishment of groups with heterogeneous participation in gender, age, or representation of certain social groups, realizing the goals for the divergent and supporting students in this regard. Students who have difficulty can be provided with adequate teaching aids. Moreover, with the aim of ensuring understanding and the ability to apply the lesson, the academic staff is available in sufficient time planned for consultation and advice for the students.


Student motivation is one of the main goals of faculty activities and we work to create opportunities for them to organize academic activities, engage experts in the field and renowned professors, create opportunities for practice and increase the interest of curiosity for them. learned. The faculty considers successful students to be the main indicator of the success of the activity and aims to provide each student with an excellent educational experience, which realizes the mission of UBT to promote professional, intellectual, social, cultural and personal development of individual.


All student rights and responsibilities are provided for in the student handbook, email notifications before specific deadlines and responsibilities. Students are supported in the institution by the Student Center, which offers the opportunity to receive information on issues related to them, and mainly are:


  • Submission of application for registration;
  • Submission of documents for completing the personal file;
  • Signing the study contract and submitting the various requirements provided in the study contract;
  • Submission of grades transcript to prove the status of a regular student of UBT College;
  • Lesson information;
  • Information on the eventual change of the class schedule, in the exam schedule;
  • Submission of the request for obtaining the grade certificate;
  • Obtaining a grade certificate or transcript;