Data Center

UBT STATS was established in June 2013 and works within the competence of the center for Statistics, Analysis and Forecasting. UBT STATS deals with the collection, organization and publication of statistical data. It emerged from the need to having a structured statistical database, consistent with international statistical practices, easily convertible for quantitative, economic analysis, forecasting as well as modeling that will ease the process of making the macroeconomic decisions.

The purpose of UBT STATS is to establish a statistical database for Kosovo and provide structured and comparable statistical data for all parties. Also, UBT students for their work and projects may refer to these data since they are organized in a clear and easily understandable form. Recently, UBT STATS has created an innovative platform to provide the data, which makes it very easy to access data for researchers as well as for the public, downloading it in different formats, and the processing is done very easily.

The statistical data frequencies are organized on monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. Sources of the data related to UBT STATS are public institutions in Kosovo such as: Kosovo Agency of Statistics, Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development. UBT STATS will also engage in specific projects that will then include the data collected and drafted from the research done by UBT.

Since the date it started, UBT STATS has continuously expanded the range of the data processed. Modules of data completed so far are:

  1. National Accounts Statistics;
  2. Statistics of Kosovo Government Accounts;
  3. Labor Market Statistics;
  4. Labor Force Survey;
  5. Structural Enterprise Survey;
  6. Consumer Price Index;
  7. Import Price Index;
  8. Producer Price Index;
  9. Energy Statistics;
  10. Hotel statistics;
  11. Statistics on Education;
  12. Health Statistics;


For any information, write to us at:
(Statistics, Analysis and Forecasting)
Calabria neighborhood p.n.
10000 Prishtina
Tel: +381 (0) 38 541 400