Rector Hajrizi Conducts Official Visit to the Pan-Albanian Federation of America “Vatra”


UBT Rector, Prof. Dr. Edmond Hajrizi, has conducted an official visit to the Pan-Albanian Federation of America “Vatra.”

Rector Hajrizi was welcomed by the president of Vatra, Elmi Berisha, the member of the presidency, Ilir Cubi, the council member of Vatra, Anton Raja, Dritan Haxhia, the Editor of the newspaper “Dielli,” and journalist Halil Mula. Also present at the meeting was Naim Dedushaj, the chairman of the Diaspora Business Network.

In his welcome speech, the president of Vatra, Elmi Berisha, praised the excellent work of Rector Hajrizi, the academic staff at UBT, the scientific research, innovative teaching methods, and modern infrastructure on university campuses.

“UBT has benefited Kosovo as a whole. UBT is an excellent university throughout the Albanian-speaking region in the Western Balkans. I am grateful to you for the special cooperation in celebrating the 15th anniversary of Kosovo’s Independence and especially for the respect shown towards the legend of Albanianism in the United States, Jim Xhema. Vatra is a satellite of the nation and the good of Albanians in America,” emphasized Berisha.

Furthermore, he presented Vatra’s work in Washington and efforts to transmit patriotism to the new generations of Albanians in America.

In his speech, Rector Hajrizi thanked Vatra for the cooperation and warm reception, as well as for co-organizing the 15th anniversary of Kosovo’s Independence in Pristina. “Without Vatra and the Albanian diaspora in America, we would not have had freedom. UBT is interested in establishing a center for Albanian-American studies to recognize the political, economic, and patriotic contributions of the Albanian diaspora in America and other contributors. We also aim to establish a serious center for American studies to understand nuanced aspects such as political, economic, cultural, and diplomatic aspects,” expressed Rector Hajrizi.

During the warm and fraternal meeting, discussions were held on continuing cooperation with the Albanian diaspora in America, where Vatra plays a leading role in all patriotic processes in the Albanian diaspora in the United States.