Integrated Design Studios offer environments that develop creativity, research and design


UBT is recognized throughout the region as a center of educational excellence, a place where a young generation of future designers are starting their career, and all this is achieved by putting students at the center of the learning practice: “Everywhere, anytime “.


The studios of this program are equipped with all the tools and equipment needed by students of all specializations, including textile and fashion design, graphic design and communication, design of products, as well as buildings and furnishing.


In order for the students to maximize their benefit from the unique approaches to the industry and to its historical context, through Integrated Design Labs and from UBT professors, is used a personalized and flexible approach from which mostly benefit the students of each specialization

As a result, students are being provided with all the required tools, instruments, and necessary equipment that are available in the UBT Campus of Lipjan.


Meanwhile, the fashion design lab is equipped by four professional sewing machines, an overlock with four threads, industrial iron, vacuum tables, etc. Besides that, it is worth emphasizing that students are supported by a professional staff who committed to help and give students instructions on how to use this equipment. Those efforts help them become future experts in crafting.


UBT campuses and the curriculum complied by professors of this study program, are designed to prepare students for a better professional future.

Those who are keen to start on a career in design or even to start up their own business, have all the required facilities, atmosphere and an environment which develop research and design.