Hundreds of Students have been transferred in UBT – Applying Process is still going on

bool(false) 12/09/2018

There are thousands of youngsters who join UBT each year. After three years of studying they actively contribute to industry sector and even broader. The most eminent international companies and private enterprises which operate in Kosovo are regularly employing UBT students.

One of the most underlying factors that pinpoint the high level of UBT students is the large number of students transferred each year. It’s worth mentioning that there have been already enrolled hundreds of students up to now.

The enrollment term will be accessible during the whole month for all the students who want to transfer from other institutions.

Students who want to transfer to UBT, are initially obliged to fulfill the application form and to have at least finished one exam from the institution where they come from. Whereas they ought to take the grades transcript from the respective former institution. Apart from that, they have to submit the high school diploma and birth certificate. They are obliged to apply individually in the administration office of UBT, at the same time the individuals who are interested to carry out the transferring process needn’t have to take a permission from the institutions where they have studied beforehand.

In this perspective it’s worth mentioning that the previous terms over 400 students who formerly studied in other private and state institutions chose UBT to further improve in their academic career. Whereas each year marks enrollment of over 4000 students in UBT.