Former UBT student, Alborita Mehana is employed in GCK and Coders Trust


Alborita Mehana has studied at the Faculty of Computer Science at UBT, who is using the experiences she had during her studies in organizations that promote programming or IT sector, in general.


Currently she is managing various projects, such as Girls Coding Kosovo (GCK), where she has brought inspiration and innovative ideas.

Alborita said that she was also working at the “CodersTrust” company, where up to now she has helped around 500 Middle East students to gain technological skills and find work online as a mentor assistant.


Before she was hired, Mehana stressed she has attended numerous trainings and seminars, in order to explore more in the technology and programming industry.

“These trainings gave me all the skills needed for programming, working in groups, helping others, escorting, and so on. After that, I received many job offers to work for companies involved in programming or in promoting this sector.” – Mehana said.


She encourages women to reach their full academic and professional potential in technical fields, meanwhile, appealed to them to be more active in this aspect.