Former student Alban Saliaga benefits from UBT’s international partnership


The former UBT student of Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Alban Saliaga was created the opportunity to follow his studies abroad, respectively in Italy. Indeed, his dream came true only thanks to UBT collaborations with international higher education institutions.

Thanks to strong collaboration and efforts of UBT professors, Alban a UBT student will follow the course of lectures in Polytechnic University of Milano starting from 10 September.  The achievement of this success is devoted to help and strong collaboration provided by UBT professors.

My professors have strongly supported, respectively Muhamet Ahmeti and Visar Krelani have directly assisted me to prepare the necessary documents required by the University. Moreover he emphasizes the friendly and cooperative environment that was found in UBT since he was transferred from the public University.

I have been transferred in UBT because provided me the opportunity to further improve and imperfect my academic career.

Alban was also part of the UBT students group who had were provided with the opportunity of initiating a three month practice in the company “Bechtel-Enka”.

Since its foundation until now, UBT has signed more than 300 agreements with education institutions from all over the world. Many students have gained benefits as a result of those agreements and hundreds of them were given the chance to study abroad for one or two semesters or even to continue their full cycle of studies abroad.