Argjend Rashiti, employed as credit analyst at Finca Bank and as an accountant in Gazi Company


The UBT student from the Faculty of Management, Business and Economy, Argjend Rashiti has been successfully integrated in the labor market.

He is currently working in as a credit analyst in Finca Bank where he deals with credit analysis, prepares documents for creditors, monitors loans, etc.

At the same time, he is employed as an accountant in Gazi Company”, where he is in charge of making the financial assessment of this business.


Rashiti said that the successes he achieved are thanks to UBT, because, as he said, the institution offered him quality studies, practical work and numerous training.

“Undoubtedly UBT has provided me with great opportunities and has paved the path for a successful career. Thanks to the high level of academic quality, professional practices and numerous trainings, I have managed to be fully integrated in the labor market. I’m grateful to UBT for my success and I’d recommend this institution to everyone who is eager to advance in his career.” – he emphasized.


Moreover, he stressed that being part of the Faculty of MBE at UBT is the best opportunity to be easily integrated both in domestic and international labor market.