A former student of UBT, Arbër Mazrekaj is employed at UBT


The former student of the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering at UBT, Arbër Mazrekaj, after the success achieved during his studies at the bachelor’s level, has been employed at UBT, Pejë branch, in the position of IT.

The former student, Arbër Mazrekaj, estimated that the period of studies at UBT was excellent and that it helped him in the process of professional preparation, which made his employment possible.

“During my studies at UBT, I had a great experience and it helped me a lot in the process of professional preparation. The special feature of UBT is that after studies the student is ready for the labor market and their support in this process is great. Personally, at UBT I had the opportunity to increase my knowledge and skills in the field of computer science and I believe that it is the right choice for every potential student who aims for professional development”, said Mazrekaj.

About 98 percent of the students of the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering at UBT are already employed in various local and global companies, thus proving their professional and academic achievements.