Why UBT is the first choice for young Kosovars?


UBT continues to remain the most trustworthy and popular higher education institution among Albanian regions. Obviously, this has come as a result of enriched curriculums, professors who bear a high level of professionalism, outstanding facilities, employment opportunities; the large number of international agreements is remarkable characteristics of this institution.

This are the main reasons why youngsters have dedicated their professional career to UBT but along with them it’s worth mentioning even others such as follows:
I. Studying at UBT involves working in the most innovative academic system that of “Smart University 4.0”, which means taking lessons by making use of the most sophisticated technology of our era, including a combination of artificial intelligence, robotics, big data and internet of things as key components which are consistently required for being dignitary when applying for a certain job position.

II. UBT is aiming to be as near as possible to students and fulfill their needs. As a result, it has founded campuses in numerous cities of Kosovo such as Prizren, Pejë, Ferizaj and Gjilan. Besides that it has also set up international offices in Tirana, Vienna and Budapest. Moreover UBT also offers discount up to 50% for some categories of students. It is worth pointing out that UBT has granted scholarships reaching the value of 1 million 400 euros.

III. UBT has the largest number of laboratories compared to other academic institutions. These laboratories are a great aid for students by enabling them to apply theoretical knowledge into practice. In addition they have unlimited access owing to the fact may easily adopt in the labor market. Undoubtedly, it is not by chance that 98 out of 100 are employed in the first year immediately after finishing their studies.

IV. UBT offers joint degrees and mobilities with numerous international partner universities. Indeed, this is a great opportunity for students to follow their studies in the most remarkable european universities. UBT partner universities are as follows: Vienna University of Technology, Austria; University of Warsaw, Poland; City University London, Angli; HIG Gjovik University, Norway; CIFE – Centre International de Formation Europ, France; Danube University Krems, Austria; Watford Institute Technology, Irlandë; University degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Itali, etj.

V. UBT has the highest rate of employment concerning the graduates. The scale of employability among students after graduation is 98 percent. Of course this is an undeniable truth for the high level of preparation and competencies which students gain during their studies at UBT.