UBT’s collaboration with the University of Cambridge continues within the framework of the Center for Public Policy Simulation


UBT maintains its fruitful collaboration with the University of Cambridge through the Center for Public Policy Simulation. As a result of this partnership with the Center for Resilience and Sustainable Development at the University of Cambridge, a simulation crystallization based on the study “Cambridge Policy Boot Camp (CPBC) on Feeding Children Nutritiously for Kosovo” has been achieved.

Executed by the working group, the academic staff of UBT, together with the working group at Cambridge International, anticipates the completion of this study simulation in November. This will be presented to various policymaking groups in Kosovo.

The “Cambridge Public Policy Simulation Lab” employs a systematic and comprehensive approach, being the first of its kind not only in Kosovo or the Balkan region but throughout Southeast Europe.

By combining methodologies, platforms, and knowledge developed over the years by the University of Cambridge, along with innovative systems and high-level interdisciplinary expertise built by UBT, focusing on the role of governance in Kosovo, this center aims to elevate the values, quality of public policies, quality of life, competition, employment, innovation, technology, digitization, and all key competencies of public policies.