UBT takes another step in the field of cybersecurity – accredited by the world’s largest cybersecurity certification body, “EC-Council”


As a leading institution in technology and innovation, UBT is now an official academic partner of the world’s largest technical certification body in cybersecurity, “EC-Council”.

All UBT students will have a unique opportunity to advance their knowledge in the field of cybersecurity through UBT and EC-Council. EC-Council operates globally in more than 145 countries, certifying over 300,000 information security professionals worldwide.

The partnership between UBT and EC-Council will provide students with advanced training and certifications in cybersecurity, such as Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH), Certified Penetration Testing Professional (C|PENT), Certified Cloud Security Engineer (C|CSE), and Certified DevSecOps (E|CDE).