UBT students have been granted scholarships of Erasmus+ program


Hundreds of UBT students have finished their studies in the most renowned European universities, owing to collaboration and scholarships.


Erasmus + Program is one of the closest UBT partners. As a result of this collaboration many UBT students are enrolled each year in the most renowned universities, where they are following their studies for one semester or even for a full cycle of studies.


University Nova de Lisboa of Portugal, Polytechnic University of Milano, Technical University of Vienna, University of Graz, University of Salzburg, etc., are only some of the most renowned European universities where UBT students have followed their studies.


For 18 years now, UBT has become a close partner of more than 300 organizations, universities, domestic and international programs, which aim to advance students from the academic point of view.

Erasmus+ is one of the most significant programs which have highly assessed UBT capability and resources to carry out numerous projects, which would strongly contribute to community as a whole.


Only during the last three years, UBT has been granted many projects in different fields including the one related to social sciences.

PoSIG is one of the most successful common projects which has created students with the opportunity of earning double degrees, developing joint programs and becoming part of mobility in EU countries.


Despite the partnership with Erasmus+ program, UBT has also a strong collaboration with 300 other organizations, universities, institutions, domestic and international programs, which mainly focus on providing students with the opportunity of advancing in their academic career.