UBT students are easily integrated in the labor market

bool(false) 11/09/2020

The student from the Faculty of Media and Communication at UBT, Eurolinda Zeneli has been recently employed in the media Suhareka Online, as a field journalist and reporter.


“Despite the lectures, during my studies at UBT professional practice has been of key importance regarding the further development of my skills. In addition, visits to numerous institutions and various Medias and Televisions have also been highly important”, noted Eurolinda.


Furthermore, UBT has contributed to the labor market seven generations of students at the Faculty of Media and Communication, most of who are already integrated in the labor market.


Moreover, the success of the students of the Faculty of Media and Communication comes as a result of intensive practical work, which has been carried out during the years of study at UBT, as well as owing to the passion of the students themselves for the profession they have chosen.