UBT student Rilind Sadiku has designed a project for reconstruction of the library next to the street “Kodra e Trimave”


UBT student of Architecture and Spatial Planning Rilind Sadiku has designed a demanding and worthwhile project at the same time. This project is concerned with the reconstruction of library next to the street “Kodra Trimave” which is expected to fulfill the needs of students of high school “Hilimi Rakovica” in Prishtina. Among others it will also serve as a centre for carrying out numerous activities.

Furthermore, Rilind added that this project embarked as a result of a close collaboration of UBT with the municipality of Prishtina. “Municipality of Prishtina and UBT have carried out a close collaboration concerning the development of projects and providing solution to emerging issues which are of common interest. This project was initially submitted to UBT professors and thereafter to representatives of municipality”, underlined Rilind.

You may read the full article at: https://ndertimi.info/rilind-sadiku-studenti-me-projektin-fantastik-per-biblioteken-ne-kodren-e-trimave/