UBT student Endrit Luri is following his Master Studies at Bauhaus of University Dessau


As a result of UBT collaboration agreements with Bauhaus University of Dessau, student of the Faculty of Architecture and Spatial Planning, Endrit Luri, has succeeded to enroll in Master Studies.  “The play of rhythm, light, harmony, planning were embodied in me from the beginning and to create all this is creativity. In this regard, was puzzled to follow this direction and the meantime become part of UBT. Consequently, I have inherited this profession from my family”, noted Endriti.


Therefore, he is among UBT students who owing to the commitment during his studies availed from the opportunity to follow his studies abroad. “A semester at the famous Bauhaus is really a great opportunity to see and experience world-renowned architecture.” Due to the commitment and achievements provided by support in the management staff of the Bauhaus, I succeeded to follow my Master Studies”, emphasized Endriti.


Moreover, owing to faculty staff and their strong support he now gained the opportunity to follow his academic journey to one of the most renowned universities in the world, respectively in the field of architecture.