UBT remains the most independent academic institution in Kosovo


In the latest meeting of UBT’s Directorate, on the eve of final preparations for the start of the new academic year, based on the report from the Kosovo Agency of Statistics, it was concluded that this year, all teaching subjects at UBT can and will be covered by its own regular academic staff.

This demonstrates that UBT continues to be the most independent academic institution in Kosovo. With over 1000 regular staff, including approximately 400 Ph.D. holders in various fields, UBT fulfills its teaching needs for all its departments and the entire academic spectrum.

This situation is not incidental but results from UBT’s continuous strategy and work since its inception to establish and develop academic staff in Kosovo in accordance with European and international standards, collaborating in this direction with hundreds of prestigious universities worldwide.

This has made UBT a leader in terms of the number of regular staff and students.

Based on this indicator, along with other quality components, UBT has received various high international awards and rankings. Among them is its ranking by EFQM, among the top 9 institutions globally for quality and excellence.

UBT, with its staff, has created an innovative ecosystem, thus elevating higher education in Kosovo to high levels globally.

In addition to developing its academic staff to meet its own needs, UBT has also assisted and developed academic staff (Ph.D. studies, training, and certifications) for the majority of other higher education institutions in Kosovo.