UBT Presents the “Leadership Excellence Award” to Porto Mayor Rui Moreira


In a solemn ceremony under the patronage of UBT President, Prof. Dr. Edmond Hajrizi, and by decision of the Academic Council, UBT presented its highest honor for excellence, the “Leadership Excellence Award,” to the Mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira.

This event was held at the UBT Innovative Science Park and featured a wide attendance of prominent figures from the fields of education, business, and politics.

Rector Hajrizi emphasized the importance of leaders’ contributions to improving social life and community development. He noted that Mayor Moreira’s contributions have been crucial for the development of Porto and have served as an inspiration for other leaders across Europe and beyond.

Mayor Rui Moreira, upon receiving the award, expressed his gratitude and highlighted the significance of cooperation between academic institutions and local authorities.

Furthermore, Mayor Moreira stated, “UBT is one of the most innovative higher education institutions, not only in Kosovo but also in the region.”

The special “Leadership Excellence Award” from UBT is given to distinguished individuals for their significant contributions in various spheres of social life, including education, culture, innovation, and economic development. This award aims to encourage and promote leadership and excellence at both national and international levels.