UBT opens the Institute of Forensic Sciences – one of the first institutes of this kind in the Balkans


UBT has marked a significant step in the field of science and research with the opening of the Institute of Forensic Sciences, one of the first institutes of its kind in the Balkans.

UBT’s Rector, Prof. Dr. Edmond Hajrizi, stated that this institute is necessary and will contribute remarkably.

“Interdisciplinary approach in the field of forensics is more than necessary today. Considering the infrastructure, staff, and innovative interdisciplinary environment of UBT, this institute can make an extraordinary contribution,” said Rector Hajrizi.

This scientific and interdisciplinary institute will cover a wide range of topics academically, scientifically, and professionally, including medicine, criminology, technology, food, economics, security, engineering, art, and many other fields.

UBT possesses laboratories and qualified personnel, along with international partners, making this institute innovative and highly sought-after both locally and internationally.

This year, UBT has been a co-organizer of the International Conference in Izmir, Turkey, while next year, the conference will be held in Kosovo.

This institute will be a center providing training, studies, research, and development for all faculties and life domains offered by UBT in its ecosystem.