UBT is the leading employer in Kosovo on the quality of Private Provider of Higher Education concerning the MEST and KSA report


According to the latest report published by MESTA and (KAS), Kosovo Agency of Statistics it has been indicated that UBT is the largest employer regarding the number of hired staff. Therefore, the overall number of employees has been increased from 750 to 1000 including both academic staff and administrative staff. Based on the MEST and KAS report, full-time academic staff is comprised of 560 male and 225 female, whereas as part-time staff there have been engaged 24 male and 44 female.


Meanwhile, as far as this report is concerned, UBT administrative staff is comprised of 33 female and 22 male. In addition, the overall number of international academic staff is 62 professors, coming from the region as well as other countries.


Besides that, Dukagjini College and Arbëri College, which are actually on the umbrella of UBT, have employed 58 academic and administrative staff. As a result, from year to year staff is professionally prepared and capable of sharing experience and expertise with students. despite it is worth emphasizing that there is an increasingly high number of students who enroll each year at UBT.