UBT has the highest rate of employability of its students inside the institution


It is an undeniable truth that graduated youngsters are facing challenges when it comes to employment. Contrary to other students that are studying in other higher education institutions, UBT students are easily integrated to the labor market.

One of the distinctive features of this institution is that of employing its own students.


UBT students are created with the opportunity of being enrolled in accredited faculties, which offer unique study programs. Apart from that, the institution also provides professional courses, gives chances for carrying out study visits, as well as employs students within the institution on regular basis.


Moreover, UBT creates great opportunities for those who bear analytical skills and are willing to work in a higher education institution and youngsters that are eager to follow academic career.


There is witnessed an increased tendency of UBT students who find easily to be integrated in the labor market. However, it is worth emphasizing that the overall rate of employment of former UBT students inside the institution was in 33% in 2016 and this number has increased in 34% in 2018.


Moreover, UBT not only prepares the following generations to give their contribution in different fields, but is also providing a strong aid to reduce the rate of unemployment among youngsters of Kosovo.

According to Kosovo Agency of Statistics, UBT is the first higher education institution regarding the number of both academic and administrative staff members.