UBT has given access to e-books, owns hundreds of online books, scholarly and academic articles


Aiming to provide students and staff with essential literature regarding all fields of study, UBT has created the necessary facilities for digital access to e-books (e-books). UBT has enabled all students and staff to have direct access to the e-books, which at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, respecting the measures taken by the country’s institutions, can browse hundreds of books, scientific articles online from home and academic.


Meanwhile, access to digital materials has been facilitated by UBT for some time through the UBT library, which is comprised of an online library where readers can receive books from distance in various international languages.


Furthermore, the UBT Library collaborates with its international partners in education, counting over 250,000 physical books and over 52,000 titles. Up to now, UBT has joined and it is at the same time member of electronic libraries, including EBSCO, SAGE Journals and J-Store.