UBT has brought to Kosovo the American test which identifies the symptoms of corona virus in a few minutes


The United States has approved several tests for COVID-19, including rapid testing, which allows testing and providing results for short-term COVID-19 infection in a matter of minutes. Meanwhile, these rapid tests have been officially approved by the US Food and Medicine Administration.


Due to the fact, the samples do not have to be sent to the central laboratory for analysis, but the analysis can be directly carried out at health care clinics, which at large scale reduce time and increase the possibility of prevention. Therefore, this test had been widely applied in Asian countries, USA and now also in Europe, as it is considered a free and fast measure for the prevention and identification of persons with this virus. Actually, the first samples of this product have now arrived in Kosovo and Albania.


In addition, a number of samples for pilot testing in Kosovo UBT have been submitted to the Ministry of Health, in order to use and test infected patients, or even people suspected of being infected to see results and compare the recent method, which is recently being used in Kosovo.


Furthermore, Rector of UBT, Prof. Dr. Edmond Hajrizi pointed out that these samples came to Kosovo for the first time. According to him, if they are considered as appropriate by the health institutions of Kosovo, this can lead to a larger supply.”We are at a critical period where the institutional capacity and international cooperation we have must be used very effectively and efficiently owing to the fact that only in this way can we have a greater impact on preventing and reducing the spread of the virus, while one of the critical factors is also the number, distribution and speed of tests “, noted Hajrizi.


Moreover, it’s worth mentioning that the first amount of quick tests was made possible, due to UBT collaboration with international partners, as well as with representatives of the Albanian Diaspora in the US, where thanks to the investments they have made have established  bridges of cooperation with well-known companies, cooperation through which also a channel of supply with these tests with priority Kosovo and Albania.