The UBT psychologist Vjollca Pllana has provided expertise for students regarding stress management during examination terms


On this occasion, a large number of students from numerous faculties at UBT, as well as students from other higher education institutions in the country, participated in the interactive lecture “Stress Management in Examination Period”, held by the psychologist, coordinator at the UBT Advising Center, Vjollca Pllana.


Furthermore, the lecture was held at the UBT Innovation Campus in Lipjan, where the stress factors presented during the exam period were widely discussed, such as: stress factors, stress protective factors, stress consequences, necessary need for social support, social networks and self-esteem.


Moreover, psychologist Vjollca Pllana provided the participants with some practical advices, which help create effective mechanisms that help manage and overcome stress, particularly during the exam preparation and exam performance stages. In addition, she also advised students to take care of physical and mental needs, always organizing time and exerting control over factors which may lead to stress.