The supply of public schools with the EON AVR/VR online platform from UBT concludes


UBT has equipped public schools in several municipalities in Kosovo with the EON AVR/VR online platform as part of the second phase of the project ‘Alignment of Education and Training with Labor Market Needs,’ a project supported by the European Office in Kosovo and the Austrian Development Agency (ADA).

Through this project, UBT and ALLED2 have involved 600 students and teachers in the latest and most sophisticated technology, thus facilitating the delivery, installation, configuration, and training processes for the next three years in six schools in Kosovo.

Following the cities of Suharekë and Prizren, today marked the completion of the distribution of Meta Quest 2 devices, as well as the licensing of the platform for these schools: ‘Nexhmedin Nixha’ – Gjakova, ‘Zenel Hajdini’ – Ferizaj, ‘Andrea Durrsaku’ – Kamenica, and ‘Fehmi Agani’ – Klina.

This innovative platform will contribute to the development of curricula in crucial fields such as Mechanical Engineering, Agriculture, and the Energy sector. Additionally, UBT will provide training for high school teachers, preparing them for the effective use of the EON AVR/VR Platform.