The rapport of KAS has pointed out that UBT is the largest employer among all private higher education institutions


UBT continues to remain one of the most renowned higher education institutions, which besides offering unique study programs, is also a private institution that has an active role in society by giving great contribution in reducing the level of unemployment.


Despite the contribution in providing education for many generations, UBT is regularly employing both academic and administrative staff. According to KAS (Kosovo Agency of Statistics), UBT is ranked in the top list as the first higher education provider in the country by the number of staff members.


Currently, UBT is comprised of 750 academic and administrative staff members, while this number has doubled since 2016, where it has significantly surpassed other private higher education institutions in Kosovo.


Based on the KAS report, the full-time staff at UBT is comprised of 435 males and 138 females, whereas there are engaged 77 males and 24 females. Meanwhile, relying to this rapport the UBT administrative staff is comprised of 30 females and 17 males.


Staff employed at UBT are prepared to share their professional experiences and expertise with students from all faculties at UBT.


It is worth mentioning that the number of staff engaged in UBT continues to grow year by year, as is the number of students enrolling each new academic year.