The Faculty of Mechatronics Engineering at UBT, a Hub of Latest Innovations in the Field of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in Kosovo and the Region


The Faculty of Mechatronics Engineering has evolved to meet the demands of both the local and international markets for mechatronics engineers, encompassing Computer Science, Electronic Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering for the design of sophisticated systems. This program offers opportunities for developing skills in cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Image Processing, Autonomous Vehicles, Biomedical Engineering, and Smart Manufacturing.

The continuous market demand for increased productivity and the delivery of consistently high-quality products within shorter time frames are driving the industry towards computer-based automations, making the field of mechatronics the most influential factor in this regard. However, despite this, mechatronics is still underdeveloped and underutilized in our country.

Therefore, UBT’s Mechatronics is bringing a change to the industrial model in competitive new engineering frameworks in the thought process of machine design. It aims to become the leading technology in developing a competitive force in modern manufacturing through its integrated multidisciplinary approach to product design.

In addition, the Faculty of Mechatronics and Management enhances professionalism and academic preparation through local and international lecturers who bring the best and newest international practices to students in this field. Current and former students, through the knowledge gained, are generating new job opportunities and elevating the development of this field to another level, bringing realized projects unprecedented in our country and beyond. This faculty has created specializations that align perfectly with the needs of the job market, making this direction challenging to compare with any other.