The Academy of Construction and Civil Engineering was closed, by being virtually attended from hundreds of participants


Within the framework of this activity, there were assembled hundreds of young people, professors, local and international experts, participated in the Summer Academy, within the Global UBT Fest 2020. In addition, over several days there were presented numerous works and topics of particular interest for society as a whole.  In this regard, the closing day of this academy was enriched with numerous lecturers, who discussed various topics, at the same time gave professional conclusions and recommendations. UBT professor Egla Luca, addressed the topic: “Empirical methods of seismic vulnerability assessment”, which presented concrete examples related to seismic vulnerability and risk.

Meanwhile, UBT professor Feti Selmani, closely elaborated the topic: “The art of structures.” He presented structures which are based on nature and different natural patterns. Besides that, he also drew a comparison between natural elements such as the human skeleton, tree trunks that are then placed in natural patterns.

Furthermore, professor Driton Kryeziu, tackled the topic namely: “Molten concrete, maturity or Maturity of concrete (from theory to implementation)”. The main focus of this topic was that of analyzing concrete and quality control. At the meantime, he also presented a paper related to advanced methods for controlling the internal temperature of concrete.

Moreover, professor Ilir Hetemi also gave thematic lecture at this academy. Among others, he talked about “Verification and calculation of the facade of glass and the criteria of their deformation by the action of winds and loads typical for these typical elements.”  Consequently, he gave participants a broader understanding about the types of basic materials and safety in people and also emphasized that they can present very positive elements, but also extremely sensitive from the part of structural security.  The Summer Academy of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Infrastructure at UBT, closed its activity in the framework of Global UBT Fest 2020, followed by questions from participants where they received professional answers from experts who elaborated various topics.