Thanks to UBT, Kosovo takes its place in the most important network of the World Organization for Laboratories and Building Science – RILEM


Due to the relentless work of international collaborations and scientific research by the Construction faculty and UBT staff, successes continue in the international scientific arena.

Specifically, the Faculty of Engineering in Construction and Infrastructure at UBT has succeeded in placing the International Construction Conference of UBT and Kosovo on the world maps of RILEM (International Union of Laboratories and Experts in Materials, Systems, and Structures of Building Worldwide).

RILEM has now distributed the call to its members worldwide: Japan, Australia, Brazil, America, Europe, Asia, and Africa, expecting international participation to be even higher, including the guests that UBT already has a tradition of welcoming and continuing the development of science and education, not only in Kosovo but also in the region.

The deadline for abstract submissions will continue until September 15, 2023.

Kosovo has achieved another success on the international stage by being listed as a contributing state in RILEM, offering contributions and assistance in the development of the construction field and in specific Technical Committees. This is with the support of UBT’s Rector, Prof. Dr. Edmond Hajrizi, Director and Dean, Prof. Muhamet Ahmeti, and with the initiative of the Vice Dean of Construction and Infrastructure Engineering, Dr. Visar Krelani.

All participants in the Construction Conference at UBT have provided invaluable contributions, including Prof. Liberato Ferrara (Italy), Prof. Jorge Isidoro (Portugal), Prof. Martins Vilintis (Latvia), Prof. Bruno Dal Lago (Italy), Prof. Marco Breccolotti (Italy), Prof. Romildo Toledo (Brazil), Prof. Peter Kopacek (Austria), as well as all the networks and international partners of UBT.

RILEM, known as the International Union of Laboratories and Experts in Materials, Systems, and Structures of Building, was established in June 1947 with the aim of promoting scientific cooperation in the field of building materials and structures. Today, the new meaning of the acronym RILEM (Réunion Internationale des Laboratoires et Experts des Matériaux, systèmes de construction et ouvrages) focuses on and promotes international collaboration with a broad approach to advanced knowledge, such as:

  • Stimulating new directions in research and exploration, promoting excellence in construction;
  • Promoting sustainable and safe construction, and
  • Improved performance and cost benefit to society.

The union’s mission is to advance scientific knowledge with free access to materials, systems, and structures of construction and to encourage the transfer and application of this knowledge worldwide.

Regarding the specific topic dealing with reinforced concrete, Technical Committee 87-CCS deals with the Wide Cracking Analysis of Early and Long-Term in Reinforced Concrete Structures.

Members of this committee are from countries such as America, China, Australia, France, the United Kingdom, Austria, Italy, Portugal, and now Kosovo is a member, with UBT officially representing Kosovo.

The continuity of UBT’s investment and its leadership in internationalization also has a significant impact, as it is now considered a reliable partner based on its work in the field of Engineering in general and in Construction Engineering in particular.