Successfully concludes the conference “Kosovo – Past, Present and the Future” in the Vatican


With a concert at “Saint Stephen of the Abyssinians Church” in the Vatican, the Cardinal Bartolucci Choir and the Kosovo Soprano, Adelina Paloja, successfully concluded the works of the Conference “Kosovo – Past, Present and the Future,” where prominent figures from Kosovo, the diaspora, and the world came together.

During the conference proceedings, important topics related to Kosovo’s past were discussed, including historical events, culture, heritage, as well as current issues such as integration into international structures, economic development, the rights, and political representation of the Kosovar people.

The participation of distinguished personalities from Kosovo and the diaspora, as well as the involvement of the international community, provided a strong sense of cooperation and solidarity for Kosovo’s future.

The proceedings of the Conference “Kosovo – Past, Present and the Future” mark an important step towards promoting Kosovo and expanding its role on the international stage.

Kosovo and its values in relation to peace and human values were presented at the conference, with a call for the Vatican to recognize Kosovo.

This successful event marks an important moment for Kosovo and inspires hope for the bright future of the country.

UBT Rector, Prof. Dr. Edmond Hajrizi, and other conference participants visited the Vatican archives, during which they had the opportunity to become closely acquainted with the work and potential of the archives, which spans over 80 km. They were introduced to important documents, including those related to Gjergj Kastriot Skënderbeu and Mother Teresa.