Renowned Italian professor, dr. Luciano Saso visited UBT and was impressed with the institution’s achievements


On 4th of September 2019 at UBT has taken place a joint discussion with Luciano Saso the vice Rector for European University Networks Sapienza University of Rome who is at the same time a professor of Pharmacy and Medicine at university of Sapienza which is one of the largest universities in Europe with almost 100,000 students and 4000 academic staff.  He availed from occasion to give a lecture at UBT mainly focused on issues concerned with UNICA Working groups where he has been a speaker and chair numerous times. Actually he heads the presidency of UNICA Working groups.

First and Foremost, It’s a pleasure for me to be here and I’m highly grateful to UBT Rector prof.dr Edmond Hajrizi for his invitation. I’m very impressed by the quality of the institution, utmost proficiency showed from academic staff and the amazingly high level of innovation which characterizes UBT.

Among others he put a special emphasis on issues concerned with internationalization of higher education institutions. “Internationalization its important even in cases of prizes, let’s draw a parallelism or kind of analogy. When an animal is hungry you reduce the meal but never the amount of sugar”, underlined Saso. UBT is one of the most internationalized institutions and as matter of fact has been awarded numerous prizes for quality and excellence.

Indeed nowadays internationalization has become one of the key elements for well-functioning of an institution as well as facilitates the approach beyond state borders.