Kosovo becomes the first center in the Balkans for excellence and future skills development


After a multimillion-dollar investment by UBT, Kosovo has officially become the first center of excellence for education supporting future competencies and skills, named “UBT Excellence Learning Center for Future Competences.” This makes Kosovo the first in this kind in Southeast Europe.

UBT’s Rector, Prof. Dr. Edmond Hajrizi, on the occasion of the center’s opening, emphasized the importance and commitment of UBT to create a suitable environment for learning technology, innovation, and new competencies, for a more stable and prosperous future.

Through this center, we will enable the study, development, and practice of skills and competencies expected to unfold, as well as the development of teaching methods for the future.

According to Rector Hajrizi, it is essential to introduce new methodologies and practices to support teaching that are as effective as possible.

“This is the only center of its kind in the region, and the investments in this center amount to millions of euros. We have seen that our teachers and students have generated excellent projects, and we have noticed that this element is worth distributing in Kosovo as well. We send very positive signals that Kosovo is no longer just a receiver but is also disseminating technology. It is necessary to introduce new methodologies and tactics that are not more challenging for teachers but facilitate teaching and practice,” emphasized Rector Hajrizi.

The President of the virtual technology company “EON Reality,” Dan Lejerskar, expressed happiness for the opening of this center and thanked Rector Prof. Dr. Edmond Hajrizi for the special and worthy cooperation to help create new things in the aspect of education and technology.

On the other hand, the project leader of Alled 2, Efka Heder, stated that the transition to digital societies is no longer a dream but is happening, and Kosovo is the first country to implement and establish such a center in the region.

“Today is a special day, and I am very happy because in Kosovo and the region, new technologies and competencies are being applied. Skills during the 4.0 transition in the competitive global environment, only economies that can change as quickly as possible towards new technologies will not only survive but also be competitive. The transition to digital societies is no longer a dream but is happening,” said Efka Heder.

During the inauguration ceremony of this center, the Director of the Department for Education and Professional Development at UBT, Prof. Dr. Besnik Skenderi, based on his experience in professional development, emphasized that this center would be a good and excellent opportunity for youth in Kosovo and the region to develop their skills.

Throughout this ceremony, Rector Hajrizi presented some of the key features that will be implemented in this center, where students are expected to acquire present and future competencies, and educators will have the privilege of using the newest and most sophisticated technologies in practice.

“UBT Excellence Learning Center for Future Competences” will provide opportunities for students and professionals to interact with technology and develop new skills tailored to the demands of the job market, based on future challenges, gaining new competencies in artificial intelligence, emotional intelligence, creativity, and other interactions of high importance.