In a captivating ceremony, the stage was set to usher in the arrival of the bright minds of the 2023/24 academic generation


Amidst various emotions, many new students for the academic year 2023/24 were warmly welcomed today at Kosovo’s leading higher education institution – UBT.

UBT’s President, Prof. Dr. Edmond Hajrizi, expressed his warm welcome to the new students, promising them unwavering support and wishing them success in their years of study and the fulfillment of their desires and goals.

He reminded the new students that, along with the academic staff, they are fully committed to their success and that together, they will achieve the desired heights in their future education and careers.

“I believe that this environment creates opportunities for you to realize your dreams. We have all been students like you, but you must be clear that, together with all the staff, you will reach where you desire. It is important not to hesitate about the chosen profile to study, as all profiles currently have demands for good and professional personnel. I advise you to take education seriously, to work with us in these years of study, because indeed, if you have competencies, you will have a very bright future,” said Rector Hajrizi.

Among other things, Rector Hajrizi also spoke about UBT’s position in the international arena, emphasizing recent rankings for innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship.

“UBT has leadership in higher education, not only in Kosovo. In recent years, it has been ranked as one of the best universities in the world for many functions and values, such as innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship. These confirm that a very intensive and qualitative process is being worked on and developed here,” expressed Rector Hajrizi.

Political Science student Furtuna Gubetini encouraged students to see their university journey as one rich in knowledge, challenges, and values that will influence their entire lives.

“This journey for you will bring new knowledge, challenges, and values that will fulfill you throughout your life. This new beginning for you will be intellectual wisdom, but you will also have an emotional experience throughout your life. The university is more than an educational institution; it is a place where you will create new friendships, new perspectives, and many experiences that you will always remember,” said Gubetini.

To complement this grand organization and in anticipation of students full of emotion and enthusiasm for a new academic and professional beginning, the Faculty of Modern Music, Digital Production, and Management at UBT provided care, with talented students Auron Deva and Meriton Hera.