Outgoing Students

A stay abroad is a good idea. It strengthens flexibility and versatility, deepens and expands professional and linguistic knowledge, and engaging with a foreign culture opens up new perspectives changes self-assessment and give you additional self-confidence. If you are thinking of going abroad for a while, you should plan a visit to the International Relations Department well in advance. The staff there or the coordinators of the various exchange programmes can give many important tips and hints for planning your stay abroad. UBT maintains exchange programmes with many European universities. In addition to the subject-related Erasmus+ programmes, there are other exchange opportunities (study visits and language courses) for which students of all subjects can apply.  

The call for Application is announced by using all the communication channels such as student’s webmail, official website, and social media.

English Language Certification (at least B2 level) and Average Grade are set at the Call for Application. The selection is made by the committee within the institution. After we receive all the applicants, the committee which is made of the International Office representative and program coordinators select the best student based on the criteria above mentioned.  After the decision has been made regarding the outgoing students or staff, the International Office is responsible to carry out further procedures regarding visa, accommodation, travelling and other inquiries