Incoming Students

Every year about a considerable number of students come to UBT to study thanks to the ERASMUS programme. In turn, at least the same number of students from UBT goes abroad to study at other European universities. The exchange plays an important role in sustaining UBT’s cosmopolitan atmosphere. The Erasmus+ student mobility program is available to students currently at one of our exchange-partner universities who would like to study at UBT. The mobility experience is approved and recognized as part of your studies for a semester or full academic year. Some degrees will also support shorter durations. For most courses of study at UBT, Bachelor and Master Degrees have been introduced. The Bachelor/Master programmes are structured; the consecutive modules comprise scientific and practical elements. For details relating to your specific course of study, please visit the homepages of the individual departments.

Documents Required for Application:

      Learning Agreement ( stamped and signed)

     Application Form

     Official Transcript of Records (issued by the home    institution)