UBT’s international profile

International agreements with universities and other institutions are an outstanding opportunity and of a vital importance to UBT. We believe that creating new and strengthening existing partnerships can offer to our faculty and students opportunities to maintain highest standards of teaching, learning and research as well as to keep up with academic trends, to share innovations and to actively engage around the world. Thus, UBT seeks partnerships with universities around the world who are committed to excellence in education and research.


Current University Partnerships

UBT is actively engaged in international partnerships and collaborations around the world. UBT has more than 80 active partnerships across the globe. These connections include:


  • Erasmus Mundus Actions
  • Student and Faculty Exchange and mobility agreements
  • Joint Faculty/ Student Research
  • Collaborative Teaching
  • Double Degree Programs
  • Joint development of courses and programs
  • Capacity building initiatives
  • Joint organization of conferences, seminars or other academic meetings.
  • Faculty development activities (e.g. workshops, videoconferences, short courses),
  • Sharing resources such as laboratory equipment, library resources, and art collections.
  • Collaborative projects that are pursued on a consortia


The following is a list of UBT international partners.

Partner InstitutionCountryDate of signing the agreement
1Zwischen der OVQ Training & Certification GmbH, Am Winterhafen 1,4020 LinzVienna , AustriaDecember, 1st
2WirtschaftsforderungsinstitutVienna , Austria2003
3Fachhochschul-studiengange der wirtschaft, Viena Studiengang marketing & salesVienna , Austria2004
4Vienna School of International StudiesVienna , Austria2005
5Waterford Institute of TechnologyIreland2006
6Centre International de Formation Europeenne (CIFE) and Institut Europeen des Hautes Etudes Internationales (IEHEI)Nice, France2007
7The Diplomatic Institute To the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of BulgariaBulgaria2007
8Donau-Universitat Krems, Universitat fur Weiterbildung KremsAustria2007
9Master de Manadement Intercultural a l’universite’ de LimogesFrance2007
10Universita degli studi di Cassino , Facolta di IngegneriaItalia2007
11Institute for Handling Devices and Robotics IHRT Vienna University of TechnologyVienna , Austria2007
12KAIST Business SchoolKorea2008
13ASIM (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Simulation in der Gesellschaft fur Informatik GI Bestatgung zum BeitrittVienna , Austria2008
14CLMI-BAS (Central laboratory of Mechatronics and Instrumentation Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)Bulgaria2008
15Universitety “Marin Barleti” and State Universitety of TetovaTirana (Albania) and Tetovo (Macedonia)2008
16Oakland UniversityMichigan, USA2008
17Department fur Raumentwicklung, Infrastruktur und Umweltplanung,  Fachbereich Regionalplanung und RegionalentwicklungVienna , Austria2009
18Quality Austria Trainings, Zertifizierungungs und Begutachtungs GmbHVienna , Austria2009
19One point Software GmbHAustria2009
20Quality Austria Trainings, Zertifizierungungs und Begutachtungs GmbHVienna , Austria2009
21Institute for Handling Devices and Robotics IHRT Vienna University of TechnologyVienna , Austria2009
22IPMA (International Project Management Association) and Kosovo Association for ManagementZurich2010
23MSMK (Madrid School of Marketing)Spain2010
24Lappeenranta University
of Technology
25Freie University BerlinGermany2010
26City University LondonUnited Kingdom2010
27University of WarsawPoland2010
28Wroclaw University  of Technology –Poland2010
29University of BucharestRomania2010
30Technical University of Cluj-NapocaRomania2010
31Polytechnic University of TiranaAlbania2010
32University of SarajevoBosnia and Hercegovina2010
33University of TuzlaBosnia and Hercegovina2010
34University “St. Kliment Ohridski”
35University of NisSerbia2010
36University of Novi SadSerbia2010
37University of LimerickIreland2010
38University of SplitCroatia2010
39The College of Economics and Management (VSEM)Prague, Czech Republic2010
40City University LondonLondon, UK2011
41City University London, Erasmus MundusLondon, UK2011
42School of Computer Science, Physics and Mathematics, Linnaeus UniversitySweden2011
43The Universita Degli Studi di Napoli “PARTHENOPE”Italy2011
44Masarykova UniverzitaCzech Republic2011
45Romanian University of Science and arts “Gheorghe Cristea”Romania2011
46Universita degli Studi di Genova-UNIGEGeneva2012
47CITEC (College of I.T & Ecommerce)London, UK2012
48Gjovik University CollegeNorway2012
49Vlora University “Ismail Qemajli”Albania2012
50University of Milan-SIGMAItaly2012
51University of Montpellier-SIGMAFrance2012
52University of Salzburg-SIGMAAustria2012
53University of Shkodra-SIGMAAlbania2012
54University of Montenegro -SIGMAMontenegro2012
55University of Cyril and Methodius- Skopje-SIGMAMacedonia2012
56University of Twente-SIGMANetherlands2012
57University of Edinburgh-TEMPUSUnited Kingdom2012
58International School For Social and Business Studies, CeljeSlovenia2012
59Login Electronics SkopjeMacedonia2013
60Mimar Sinan UniversityTurkey2013
61University of WarsawPoland2013
62Fatih UniversityTurkey2013
63Budapest University of Technology and EconomicsHungary2014
64Universidade Nova de LisboaPortugal2014
65IG Alpbach Kosovo – Associate member of the European Forum AlpbachKosovo/Austria2015
66University of WarsawPoland2015
67Gjovik University CollegeNorway2015
68Corvinus University of BudapestHungary2015
69Latvia University of AgricultureLatvia2015
70Pamukkale UniversityTurkey2015
71Marmara UniversityTurkey2015
72Vilniaus Kolegija/University of Applied SciencesLithuania2015
73European Polytechnical UniversityBulgaria2015
74Faculty of Geodesy, University of ZagrebCroatia2015
75Technical University SofiaBulgaria2015
76Wroclaw University of Science and TechnologyPoland2016
77Linnaeus UniversitySweden2016
78Morehead State UniversityUSA2016
79University of KentuckyUSA2016
80Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports/Republic of Kosovo (MoU)Kosovo2016
81“Fan Noli” UniversityKorce, Albania2017


Future University Partnerships


The two most common agreements between UBT and other institutions are through an agreement known as a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), or an International Exchange and Linkage Agreement (IE). Through MOU, the agreement is on academic and research cooperation between UBT and the partner institution, whereas the IE agreement also includes commitment of using the institutional resources for specific activities.


We are always open to new partnerships, so if you are interested in exploring the potential to connect with UBT please feel free to contact us and send us a proposal for the potential future activities including the information below:


  1. The contact and unit that will be responsible for administering and implementing the agreement;
  2. Description of the activity to take place under the proposed agreement;
  3. Identification of resources to be utilized (for IE Agreements);
  4. Duration of agreement
  5. Description of any other commitments required.
  6. Financial obligations