Industry Board



We are in the creating process of the Industry Board of the Faculty to help our students quickly to adapt the industry and to be part of it.


The majority of graduate programs taught at UBT the students will be required to undertake practical and/or laboratory work.


The aims of practical work vary but usually include:


  • Linking theory with practice.
  • Developing hands-on skills and techniques.
  • Learning how to use equipment.
  • Understanding the scientific method.
  • Developing problem-solving skills.
  • Managing and analyzing data.
  • Drawing conclusions and evaluative skills.
  • Professional skills development – e.g. team work, presenting findings, etc.


The target group of this program may already have some hands on experience however the program is also designed to give further experience for Students also receive 5 ECTS credit for internships combined with lectures on professional development. There are exceptions for those who already work.  The institution has a standing cooperation agreements with the Ministry of Diaspora, Ministry of Trade and Industry,  Agency for Private Sector Development.  Municipality of Ferizaj, Municipality of Lipjan, Municipality of Vushtrri,  Ministry of Health, Kosovo Centre for Security Studies, Group for Legal and Political Studies, Public Broadcaster etc. both target groups.  The ‘writing up’ or reporting of practical work is therefore very important.