Industry Board



The practical learning of students is be organized and supported via following approaches: In the UBT laboratories;In the industrial enterprises with whom UBT has cooperation agreements;In the laboratories and institutes that work on food processing and safety analysis;In different other nutrition organizations. We are in the creating process of the Industry Board of the Faculty to help our students quickly to adapt the industry and to be part of it.


UBT is under arrangement of cooperation agreements with a number of entreprises and organizaitons relevant to the scope of this study program, in order to ensure practical learning / internships for students. The list of entreprises under the process which are listed, but not limited to, the list as below:



 No.Entreprise / OrganizationField of cooperaitonPlace of Entreprise / Organization
3ProgresiVegetable processing and productionPrizren
4FrutomaniaJuice productionGjilan
5FruttiJuice productionPrizren
6Devolli GroupProcessing and production, packing and trading of beer, juice, milk, and crops/grainsPeje
7Devolli KompaniProduction of coffeePeje
8AbiMilk production/processingPrizren
9Elkos GroupAccumulaiton, preservation, processing, packing and trading of food productsPrishtine and other Kosovo regions
10Viva FreshAccumulaiton, preservation, processing, packing and trading of food productsPrishtine and other Kosovo regions
11Vipa ChipsAccumulaiton, preservation, processing, packing and trading of food productsVushtrri
12Kosova University Clinic Center & Regional HospitalsNutrition / patientsPrishtine and other Kosovo regions
13KindergartensNutrition / childrenPrishtine
14Fitness ClubNutrition / sportPrishtine
15Kosova Agency for Food and VeterineFood Quality and SafetyPrishtine
16Meteorological Institute of KosovaResearchPrishtine
17Agriculture Institute of KosovaResearchPeje