Partnership and Membership

The programme has been designed to respond to the context and demand in the labour market as well as the preferences outlined by staff and students. However, the programme does generally include a core of education practice the study field. The Curriculum Committee has taken into account the content similar programs from several programs in Western Balkans and Europe. The program enshrines the principles and the guidelines offered by EUCEET (European Civil Engineering Education and Training). The EUCEET project on “curriculum harmonisation in Europe’ has informed both the philosophy of teaching, approach and the curriculum structure. The program is also harmonised with SEFI Indicators (European Society for Engineering Education), the standards of AsBau (Akkreditierung und Qualitätssicherung zeitgemäßer Studiengänge des Bauingenieurwesens an deutschen Hochschulen) and US ABET (Engineering Accreditation Commission, Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology).  Lastly, the ASCE Body of Knowledge and EUCEET recommendations have been integrated into the curriculum.



UBT has actually established cooperation agreements with a considerable number of higher universities from EU countries, USA and elsewhere (see the list below).


Politecnico di Milano
Ballkan project
The university of Kentucky
Xella Company
Instituti ‘INKOS’
KNAUF Prishtina
National Library
Municipality of Pristina
Smart Project
Faculty of Architecture and Construction
 Ministry of Education and Technology