Thanks to the continuation of the UBT internationalization and the Faculty of Civil Engineering on 8 and 9 March 2018, the representative of this Faculty, Visar Krelani, visited one of the oldest universities in the world with experience of seven centuries at the University of Perugia , in Italy. The visit insisted on the creation of an agreement between the two Universities for the exchange of students, staff and joint Erasmus projects.

The first visit took place in the Energy Department where Prof. Giorgio Baldinelli presented the common interests in this area where due to the similarities of this region and Kosovo, the Italian experience of this field can be applied in this Kosovo. A visit to the energy lab was carried out, equipped with the most modern materials testing equipment. Prof. Baldinelli also informed us that this lab produces equipment for various universities in co-operation with the European Union. The professor in question expressed the readiness to cooperate with the Faculty of Energy and European projects to help build capacity in this area in Kosovo.

Prof. Breccolott was informed about the achievements of the Faculty of Engineering and the increase that has been in recent years and the interest to have as many international quality associates as possible, and one of these partnerships is also a major partner of the University of Perugia. For his part Prof. Breccolotti expressed the enthusiasm and desire that besides the support that UBT will have in the joint European projects also expressed the readiness to lecture at our Faculty.

Cand. Dr. Kita explained his research on monitoring the seismic activity occurring in the city of Perugia by monitoring at some of the most important points in the capital city of the Umbria region, Perugia known for constant seismic activity. The monitoring center visited one of the highest tower of historic value important to Italy, called “Torre degli Sciri”. Cand. Dr. Kita was also invited to make a visit to Kosovo and present the latest research in this field. He expressed the readiness to help Kosovo students who can visit Perugjan and the Faculty of Civil Engineering within Erasmus + projects.