Local Accreditation

UBT Accreditation


UBT is accredited by the Kosovo Accreditation Agency as a UBT College. The institution has undergone a number of external accreditation (both institutional and program) phases.  The years and results of accreditation are listed below


2017UBT was accredited to offer new programs in Stomatology and Pharmacy during the 2017 Accreditation cycle. External Experts Evaluation Report 1 and Experts Evaluation Report 2 provided positive recommendations for the reaccreditation of prior Public Policy and Management (MA), Information Systems (MA), Architecture and Spatial Planning (MA) and Energy Engineering (BSc/Level 5).


2016-During the 2016 Accreditation Cycle, UBT was accredited to offer new programs in Construction Engineering, Nursing, Food Science and Integrated Design.  The same cycle had the Kosovo Accreditation Agency bring positive re-accreditation decisions for prior programs in Computer Science and Engineering, Mechatronics Management, Architecture and Spatial Planning, Media and Communication and Political Science.  Lastly, a new Campus in Prizren was established and accredited to offer programs in Architecture and Spatial Planning, Computer Science and Engineering and Management, Business and Economics. External Evaluation Report 2016 (1) and External Evaluation Report 2016 (2) list the findings and recommendations.


2015-During the 2015 Accreditation cycle, the External Evaluation Team proposed the accreditation of a new master program in International and European Business Law (LLM).  The prior bachelor program in Management, Business and Economics was re-accredited.


2014-During the 2014 Accreditation Cycle, UBT was accredited to offer new programs in Energy Engineering, Information Systems, Architecture and Spatial Planning and Public Policy and Management. Evaluation Report 1 and Evaluation Report 2 list the External Experts’ findings and recommendations.


1StomatologyIntegrated (BA/MA)Accredited300
2PharmacyIntegrated (BA/MA)Accredited300
3Public Policy and ManagementMasterRe-accredited120
4Information SystemsMasterRe-accredited120
5Architecture and Spatial PlanningMasterRe-accredited120
6Energy Engineering and ManagementBachelorRe-accredited180
7Energy Engineering and ManagementLevel 5Re-accredited120
8Construction Engineering and InfrastructureMasterAccredited120
9Media and CommunicationMasterAccredited120
10Food Science and TechnologyBachelorAccredited180
11Integrated DesignBachelorAccredited180
13Computer Science and EngineeringBachelorRe-Accredited180
14Computer Science and EngineeringMasterRe-Accredited120
15Mechatronics ManagementBachelorRe-Accredited180
16Mechatronics ManagementMasterRe-Accredited120
17Architecture and Spatial PlanningBachelorRe-Accredited180
18Media and CommunicationBachelorRe-Accredited180
19Political ScienceBachelorRe-Accredited180
20Construction Engineering and InfrastructureBachelorRe-Accredited180
21Prizren Branch InstitutionalAccredited
22Management, Business and EconomicsBachelorRe-accredited180
23International and European Business LawLLMAccredited60
24Public Policy and ManagementMaster Accredited120
25Information SystemsMasterAccredited120
26Energy EngineeringBachelorAccredited180
27Energy EfficiencyLevel 5Accredited120
28Architecture and Spatial PlanningMasterAccredited120
29Information SystemsBachelorRe-accredited180
31Management, Business and EconomicsMasterRe-accredited120
32Ferizaj BranchInstitutionalAccredited